Coaching and Community Update May 2017

Coaching and Community Update May 2017

Shared at the St Albans City Youth Community FC - May Managers Meeting

Presentation Day

This year’s St Albans City Youth FC Presentation Day is being held at the Alban Arena on Saturday 17th June, as always (at the start of April) now is the time to start thinking about pulling together your team information for the Presentation Day Programme.

Don’t panic, it is all very simple

Can each team manager please provide a short write-up of their players (player pen pictures), plus a high quality team photo and send to me by 16th May at the very latest. I will be forwarding all the writeups to our Community Coach Chris Samways who will be pulling the programme together so please stick with this timescale, no later.

Team write-ups to be no more than one page (one side of A4), use Arial size 10 font, also, if possible allow space on the page for the team image.

Many of the teams have almost finished the season so please send the writeups to within the above timescales this will help with putting the programme together and making any last minute changes prior to printing.

Don’t forget Ian Woods will also need the following info:

  • Player appearances,
  • Player who have reached 100 or 200 appearances
  • Players Player of the Year

Tickets for the Presentation Day are available from Lesley Wray, Players, Managers and Children are free, Adult Tickets are £5. Please order them now, if you leave it until the last minute, you will be disappointed.

Ian has already sent out to all managers details of the age groups at each session for Presentation Day.

Club Ties

We have a new stock of club ties arrived, prices are as follows:

Child Size 7.00

Adult Size £8.00

Well done to Lesley for negotiating a good price



Team Trophies from Henry Tilly Sports

Many of the teams purchase their own trophies to give out at their own presentations after being on stage at the Arena. City Youths preferred supplier Henry Tilly Sports have some great offers available for City Youth Teams.

The following catalogue is available:


Telephone 01727 843155 Email





Club Player Registration System

The new Club Online Player registration system is now open for business.

To register and pay your registration fee for season 2017/18 please goto

Select your team for season 2017/18 and then follow the on screen instructions. Payments are made using PayPal but you do not need a PayPal Account, when asked please untick the create a PayPal Account. Many thanks to Neil Sweeney for making this possible.


Everyone please check that your Safeguarding is up to date, if not then please put it right. To check go to the Herts FA website and log into Members Services with your FAN Number

Safeguarding Course at Nicky B (only 11 places left)

We are pleased to announce that the Hertfordshire FA will be running a Safeguarding Children Course at Nicholas Breakspear School, Colney Heath Lane on 15th June 2017 starting at 7pm. To book your place use the following link:

For City Youth Managers and Assistants who need to renew their 'Face to Face' Safeguarding Qualification or for new managers who are doing the course for the first time please book your place on this course and then submit the payment reciept with monthly accounts, we will reimburse to course fee.

There are a number of managers who need to renew for next season, now is your chance to book a place on a course within the district.

The Safeguarding Children Qualification has to be renewed every 3 years, the first renewal can be via the online course, go to this link for details

However if you have already renewed once via the online system you will need to do the face to face course again to renew. As I said at all recent meetings ‘All team coaching personnel should now all have an in-date DBS’, if this is not the case, this is what should happen:

1. The individual stops any involvement as a coach until he has a valid DBS

2. If you have a parent who wishes to get more involved and wishes to help out then before the start they must have a DBS Check

For any of the above contact Ian or Mervyn to start the DBS process.

The FA have announced during the past few days that they will be carrying out further spot checks of Coaches at Matches and training to ensure that they have a valid DBS in place. We will not be notified when these checks will take place.

Coaching Courses

Level 1

We may be hosting a Level 1 Course at Nicholas Breakspear in the next month or so, we will publish details on the City Youth website but also keep looking on the Herts FA website.

Easter Coaching Camp Success and the May Holiday Coaching Camp

The Easter Coaching Camp was a great success with almost 300 children attending over the four days.

The next camp will be over the May Holiday from 30th May to 2nd June at Highfield Park. It would be good if all managers can help with the marketing of these camps by sharing the Facebook and Twitter posts with their parents.

The website for bookings will be open in the next day or so

We are also in the final stages of planning for the Summer Coaching Camp which will be held over three week, check the website for details in the coming weeks.

Next Seasons Kit and Equipment Requirements - Just to reiterate


Please wait until after the Presentation Day as this is the busiest time. But to confirm all equipment orders must come through Mervyn, they are then being managed by Minerva, when your orders are available you will be notified at which point you will need to collect from Minerva. Please collect them quickly as we do not want to clog up Minerva’s available space (they are doing us a favour).

Sponsorship and Kit

If you have a Sponsor please wait until the sponsor has paid the money to the club before approaching Louise to order the new kit. We have had a couple of occasions this season when this was not the case.

All kit orders are being handled by Louise Shepherd, Louise can be contacted via email on

We also have a supply of kits stored at the Scout Hut.

However, many of you have managed to obtain sponsorship from a parent or company, we have had a number of new sponsors come forward or about to come forward in recent weeks.

Nicholas Breakspear

The next Astro Steering Group Meeting is scheduled for 16th May. An update will be provided for the next meeting.

Volunteer Vacancies

There are still several Volunteer vacancies at the club despite a number of adverts. I have heard people say that there is an untapped resource with the parents, please spread the word as we need some of these people to come forward.

Boys and Girls Small Sided Tournaments

Both Tournaments are now full, thank you to everyone.

The Girls event takes place on Sunday 21st May at Highfield Park, we will need volunteer helpers for the marking out on Saturday and the setting up and taking down on the Sunday. Please contact Louise.

The Boys Tournament takes place on the 3rd and 4th June, we will need help marking out on Friday 2nd June and then setting up on the Saturday and taking down on the Sunday. Please contact Damien and Hannah.

The Boys Tournament Coordinators are Damien and Hannah Johnston.

The Girls Tournament Coordinator is Louise Shepherd.

Additional Coaching Support

We did say this at the start of this season but I am taking this opportunity to reiterate it again in readiness for next season. Several teams ask if they can have coaching support from our young coaches, where possible we will accommodate these requests. However please remember if there are any costs involved it is the teams who should be paying the coaches for example if you are paying a young coach £10 to coach at your training session then the cost is paid by the team (parents normally have a whip round) .

The reason for raising this is that several teams (this season) said they were not aware of these rules and the club has ended up paying these costs every month. This will not be the case next season.

David Wray Memorial Match

The David Wray Memorial Match, Clarence Park, St Albans. Saturday 6th May 2017.

Thanks to everyone who attended, £1100 was raised for David’s chosen Charity St Albans Special Olympics. The match itself ended up as St Albans City Legends 3 - 5 St Albans City Youth Coaches.

A fantastic tribute to the memory of David Wray, the number of people in the ground for the game sums up the legacy of the man.

Thanks to St Albans City for making this possible and also thanks to Kevin Mudd and Bradley Bennett for pulling together a mega line-up of players.

As always our thoughts are with Lesley Wray and the family.

Mervyn Morgan