St Albans City Youth Match Reports - April 1988 Tezzas Days gone bye


Tezza is looking back through his old City Youth reports and found some from over 30 years ago, there are some players names that many of us old managers remember. Well done Terry Edwards.

St Albans City Youth Match Reports - April 1988

For the second year running saw St Albans City Youth FC play Hullbridge Youth FC in a series of matches and this year April 1988 saw them take place in the beautiful surrounds at Verulamium Park and there will seven matches of football between both clubs whilst there will be also an eighth game which will be between two STACY teams, the Under 12's and the Under 13's North as we have 2 Under 13's whilst Hullbridge have no Under 12's.

There will be five matches in the morning and three in the afternoon whilst between 12-30 pm and 2 pm there will be a break for lunch with a licensed bar in the cricket pavilion whilst there will be food in the marquee (thanks to Ian Woods). During the break for lunch presentations will be made for the man of the match awards for the morning games. After the afternoon matches have finished the overall trophy will be presented to the Club who as the most points from the games which have taken place during the day.

 Here is a list of the managers names for both Clubs, St Albans City Youth: Ian Woods, Alan Godden, Jack Clarke, Mike Day, Jeff Lawrence, Peter Bennett, Ian Nicholson and Dave Atkinson.   Hullbridge Youth: Alec Banyard, Robin Ogilvie, John Surgett, Barry Upson, Dave Shorter, Mike Harrington and Dennis White.

Hope that everybody enjoys themselves today and have a safe journey home and see you all next year.

We start off with the Under 9's who won 5-1 with Matthew PHILLIPS scoring a tremendous hat-trick whilst Matthew TIMBERLAKE and Andrew WRAY both scored one apiece with Scott Baker scoring for Hullbridge from the penalty spot. Squad: Matthew Phillips, Lee Baker, Neil Brown, James Butcher, David Hames, David Hull, Daniel Jameson, Gareth Morgan, Ian Morgan, Chris Scorer, Matthew Timberlake, Andrew Wray, Mathew Stiff.

Next we see the Under 10's win 5-0 with two goals from Tommy LAWRENCE plus one each from Andre BALADI, Nick FIELD and Benjamin HALLMAN whilst the Hullbridge keeper Damien Stabielli had a good game in which saw him keep the scoreline down by pulling off some fine save saves. Squad: Tommy Lawrence, Andre Baladi, Jeremy Constable, Simon Dean, Matthew Gentry, Jonathan Gisborne, James Garrett, Nick Field, Benjamin Hallman, Kim Mead, Graham Milner, Simon Morris, Robert McManus, Kevin Parkin.

The Under 11's also scored five goals as they beat Hullbridge 11's 5-1 with Daniel BOWMAN scoring two goals whilst the young Robert DAY popped up with one goal along with Stephen FLITTON and Mark WARRINER as well. Squad: Lee Thompson, Matt Lawrence, Martin chard, Leigh Godden, Michael Edwards, Christopher Maynard, Robert Day, Liam O'Sullivan, Daniel Bowman, Stephen Flitton, Ross Elliott, Simon Sankey, Mark Warriner, William Denholm, Andrew Dayton, Antony Powell

The next match to be played was the game between two St Albans City Youth sides and they were the Under 12's and the Under 13's and the younger side were not going to allow themselves to be disgraced playing against an older team as the match finished in a 3-3 draw following a real to end game. Scoring the goals for the Under 12's was the prolific goalscorer Ashaf CHOUDHURY who netted his usual three goals in a match. Scoring for the Under 13's was Ian STAPLETON who also scored all his team's three goals.

Under 12's Squad: James Varley, David Morley, Simon Bradley, Andrew Thompson, Tim Carter, Jonathan Rice, Stuart Wright, Stephen Blackburn, Ashaf Choudhury, Laurence Edwards, Nick Shaw, Ben Smith, Phil Franklin, Chris Field, Nick Christy.

Under 13's Squad: Andrew Rooley, Philip Dayton, James Weir, Adam Bolding, Stuart Tucker, Darren Dudley, Ian Stapleton, Timothy Roskilly, Philip Day, Ronnie Woolf, Robert Harwood, Sean Bradbury.

In the next game saw the other Under 13's side for St Albans City Youth lose 6-3 to Hullbridge Youth 13's and scoring the goals for the young Saints were Paul LINDSAY, Paul TAYLOR and Paul CLARK whilst scoring for the visitors were James Cook 2, Neil Gemmell 2, Keith Scourfield and Neil Hughes.  Squad: Mark Hamer, Stewart Lawrence, Simon Jones, Chris Yeo, Paul Lindsay, Stephan Chapman, Simon Gammon, Richard Tamsitt, Paul Taylor, Stuart Chard, Stephen Smith, Stephen Harrison, Paul Clark.

The Under 14's for St Albans City Youth played against the 1st of the Under 15's side from Hullbridge and the Saints just about could only field eleven players against the older team but that was enough as after a tight game they eventually emerged victorious by winning 1-0 following a superb strike from Alan LONG. Squad: Mark(Sparky)Andrews, Nick Bennett, Craig Attfield, Paul Burgess, Richard Thomas, David Aslett, Jamie Duke, Russell Cannon, Andrew Burke, Andrew Williams, Alan Long.

The Under 15's St Albans City Youth won by a convincing scoreline of fourteen (14) goals to two against the second Under 15 side of Hullbridge Youth with nine different goalscorers, wow! Here they are, Adrian O'CONNOR 3, David YEO 2, Gary SAUNDERS 2, James TAYLOR 2, Daniel MOORE, Petro RUSSO, Robert MANN, Stephen SMITH< David KIDNEY with the rest of the Squad being Stewart Burlington, John Collins, Adrian Pinner.  Scoring for Hullbridge was Mark Peters and Andrew Holder.

For the final match of the day say the Under 17's of St Albans City Youth beat the Hullbridge Youth Under 17's 2-1 with Stuart HEATHER scoring both of the goals for the Saints whilst Richard Smith scored the goal for Hullbridge.  Squad: Tim Hobbs (went on to become a reporter for the St Albans Observer), Mark Wray, Michael Vickers, Stuart Brewster, Stuart Day, Steve Sorey, Tony Gauthier, Jorge Pedre, Allan Anderson, Adam Moloney, Martin Atkinson, Darren Shea, Stuart Heather, David Halbert, Jason Wesley.

Well St Albans City Youth picked up the Trophy for the second season running having won 6 out of the 7 matches played and in doing so saw them score 35 goals with 11 against whilst there was another six goals scored in the match between both of the St Albans City Youth Teams. One thing we must mention is that they weather was fantastic and so everybody from both Clubs really enjoyed themselves, what more could you want than fine weather, football, food and drink. Those were the days.