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Managers Meeting 1st September 2019

St Albans City Youth Community Football Club
Managers Meeting 1st September 2019
Held at the Scout Hut, Riverside Road, St Albans

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Geoff Watts (GW)
• Welcome to everyone, please switch off mobile phones
• CB wants to meet foundation managers to establish support for managers
• Minutes from last meeting were posted on the website and are approved
• Club in Berkshire that was fined by the courts when a parent said their player was not getting enough time; court decision reversed as court papers were sent to the club’s pitches so no-one from the club was able to attend the original court hearing.

Ian Woods (IW)
• WFL – Papers available for collection
• WHYL – Meeting on 02/09/19 for handbook collection – IW attending
• HGFPL – Meeting on 02/09/19 for handbook collection
• HDL – Meeting on 17/09/19; collect 2 balls, match delegate jacket.
• Highfield Park – observe speed limit; store tidied by IW and Andy Lawrence; please keep tidy
• Greenwood Park – no matches until 22 or 29 September, please switch games if possible
• STAGS – use key
• Verulamium Park – take respect barrier and corner flags
• Fines - £1,800 last season, please try and avoid especially late/incomplete match cards
• Player discipline – for red card suspension starts after 7 days, please notify IW
• Saturday referee list to be compiled

Robert Baker (RB)
• Expenses form are on website; email me if you need one. Please complete monthly.
• LW will be sending out a list of player registration and payments this week.
• For unscheduled matches/venue (e.g. use of Astro), these should be funded from parents

• Summer camps were a success. Especially the development centre
• CB has started
• Commercial manager role will be advertised in the next few weeks
• 50 year anniversary in 2 seasons time; ideas and helpers needed

Coerver coaching (Jon Cassidy)
• Launch well attended
• Road show on 31/08/19 was attended by 48 children; thanks to Steve Davenport
• More sessions will be organised
• Hub will be set up from 03/09/19
• Please register player names on the hub

Laws of the Game – brief summary of changes
• Coin toss – now choice of ends or kick off
• Defensive wall of more 3 players – no attacking players within 3m
• drop ball in the penalty box in which case it goes to the goalkeeper.
• Uncontested drop ball for the team in possession unless
• Goal kicks/free kicks in own penalty area the ball becomes in play when it moves; attackers
must stay out of area
• Substitutions are now “On” at half way line, “Off” at nearest point of exit
• Managers/coaches can now be cautioned
• Handball must be intentional unless leads to a goal/goalscoring opportunity; ricochet is not
• Sin Bins – for dissent only; in all youth football and adult grassroots
• Yellow card, period of 10 minutes or 8 minutes if under 45 minute per half
• Referee signals player back on
• No fine/suspension
• Normal yellow and Sin Bin yellow does not equate to a Red
• “ Yellow Sin Bins” – the player may not return at the end of the period but can be
Send squad lists to Terry Edwards; also send in results

Managers Reports
• HDL fixtures updated monthly; free weeks have been notified
• Problems with some players registered on WGS; league need to remove; contact Joe Karrom
at Herts FA
• RB - Players must be registered with the League (WFL/HDL etc) and on SACYFC website
• Home club need to find referees if the league do not nominate one; use a parent if
• Pitches marked out at Nick B for under 9 might need nets/corner flags
• HGFPL – fixtures not yet out; maybe Monday after the meeting
• U18 EJA – have an FA Youth Cup match at Clarence Park on 05/09/19

• First Aid Kits and equipment – send requests to LW
• Refresher course for Safeguarding and First Aid are reimbursable by the club; every 3 years
Next meeting on 6 October