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December 2017 Managers Meeting - Minutes

St Albans City Youth Community Football Club

Managers Meeting 3rd December 2017

Held at The Scout Hut, Riverside Road, St Albans

The full list of meeting attendees is included in the PDF version which can be downloaded here >>>


Secretaries Report

Treasurers Report

General Coaching and Community Update

Level 1 Coaching Dates

Community Sports Leaders Course

CPD Sessions

Goalkeepers Coaching Update



Ordering Kit

Highfield Park - Look after it

Samuel Ryder Academy

Nicholas Breakspear Astro


Club Player Registration System Update

Holiday Coaching Camps


Young Saints Scheme

Service to Sport Awards

Mervyn Morgan

Press Secretaries Report

Any other business

Next Meeting


Secretaries Report – Ian Woods


If you have any questions regarding player misconduct please contact the club secretary, a guide has been published on the website.

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Treasurer’s Report – Lesley Wray


This time of year, is when we see the healthiest balance in the account due to the payment of registration/training fees. Please make sure your players are registered and payment has been made.


The new on-line registration system is working well. All players must be registered this way. If you have any queries, please ask Mervyn Morgan or Neil Sweeney.


Team sponsorship has been received from Contactengine and Villa Plus

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General, Coaching and Community – Mervyn Morgan


Level 1 and 2 Coaching Courses


The Level 1 Coaching Courses at Nicky B are both full, as are those forthcoming Level 1 Courses at the County Ground, keep a look out on the Herts FA website for new dates.


There is a Level 2 Course taking place in Hemel Hempstead starting on 9th December that still has some vacancies. This can be booked via the Herts FA website.

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Level 2 Qualification in Community Sports Leadership (CSL2)


Objective: A CSL2 is a nationally recognised qualifications that enable successful learners to lead safe, purposeful and enjoyable sport/physical activity, under indirect supervision.


Key content : Leadership skills including organisation, planning, communication and teamwork through the medium of sport


Benefits for a student


A fun and practical course that focuses on leading rather than technical ability.


Potential stepping stone into employment, further education or training.


A good foundation to progress onto other Sports Leaders UK awards or qualifications, and/or a National Governing Body award.


Develops generic leadership skills that will be vital in other areas of life.


Allows those who are not sports superstars to take a full and active role in sport and physical activity.


Increased self-confidence that comes through taking responsibility for own and others learning and enjoyment.


Minimum age on course start 13


Pre-requisites None


Level of supervision during course Direct supervision


Level of supervision once qualified


Direct supervision when Sports Leaders are 13-15 years old


Indirect supervision when Sports Leaders are 16+/turn 16 years old


Total Qualification Time (TQT) 50 hours


Run over x4 days = Tutored time (GL) 24 hours


Demonstration of leadership 10 hours - required before qualification is certificated


The course will take place over x4 days (Monday to Thursday 12th to 15th February 2018)


We have a limited number of places (16 in total with 5 already reserved) To book please email

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CPD – Continued Professional Development Session


We hosted a CPD event at Nicholas Breakspear during October, under the How We Coach section with the theme of Coach in Action on Match Day.


There are several other CPD Events coming up around the County:


Who We Are


Selected Date by Club


Developing a Coaching Philosophy


Monday 23rd

Wheathampstead W


How We Play




Developing Attacking Play – In Possession


Tuesday 5th

Chorleywood CY

Developing Defending Play – Out of Possession


Wednesday 17th


Formats of Football – Transition from 5v5 – 11v11


Wednesday 27th

Stevenage Boro Juniors


The Future Player




The Developing Player – Player Development


Tuesday 20th

Bishops Storford CFC


How we Coach




Coaching Fundamentals


Wednesday 29th

Harpenden Colts

Developing Practice


Wednesday 14th

Bury Rangers


Goalkeeper Coaching


Day of session

Time of session

Age range

Type of session

Lead coach

Assistant coach



All ages

Drop in

Alex Gates

Top Young Coach




Curriculum based Programme

(Book via the website)

Alex Gates

Tom Spratt




Curriculum based Programme

(Book via the website)

Alex Gates

 Tom Spratt


Coerver Easter 2018 Pro Tour


One of the many benefits of being a Coerver Partner Club is having access to some fantastic training trips. Coerver have just released information regarding their Easter 2018 PRO Tour to their global youth development partner, SL Benfica.


The PRO Tour will take place between Friday 30th March - Monday 2nd April 2018.


Full details of the trip can be found via the link on our website.

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All equipment orders must come through Mervyn, they are then being managed by Minerva, when your orders are available you will be notified at which point you will need to collect from Minerva. Please collect them quickly as we do not want to clog up Minerva’s available space (they are doing us a favour).

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Playing and Training Kit


All Sponsored Kit orders are being handled by Louise Shepherd, Louise can be contacted via email on


For ad-hoc kit orders such as training tops, sweatshirts etc these can be ordered and paid for direct from our new club web page on the Henry Tilly website, click on the Club Shop link on our website. However, if you have a sponsor for any kit (playing or training) please go via Louise.

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Highfield Park


We have had problems, still, with the looking up and general housekeeping at Highfield Park. On one occasion the store was left unlocked. Can we ensure that we switch off, lock up and pick up, basically leave the place as we would like to find it. Also, tell your parents and those from visiting teams not to drive onto the fields, there have been instances on the back field of cars turning onto the grass.

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Samuel Ryder Academy Astro


We are pleased to announce that Planning Approval has been granted for the new Astro at the Samuel Ryder Academy, congratulations to the two Matts, Gauthier and Pope for all their work making this possible. All that is left now is to raise the money.

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Nicholas Breakspear Astro


Myself and fellow Trustee Alan Moorhouse had a good meeting with the Schools Chair of Governors and the Business Manager, Alan will be having a further meeting with the Business Manager in the next week or so to discuss the operating hours at Fridays and Weekends.

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Safeguarding Courses, there face to face courses available, go to the Herts FA website for details. The FA have tweaked the Safeguarding process for recertification somewhat, the full details are on the website but providing your first Safeguarding qualification was the ‘Face to Face’ then you can renew via the online option as many times as your involvement in the game lasts. (or until the procedure is altered in the future)


Just another reminder please check that your Safeguarding certification is up to date, if not then please put it right. To check go to the Herts FA website and log into Members Services with your FAN Number.




1. The individual stops any involvement as a coach until he has a valid DBS


2. If you have a parent who wishes to get more involved and wishes to help out then before the start they must have a DBS Check


For any of the above contact Ian or Mervyn to start the DBS process.

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Online Player Registration System


The new online system for Club Player Registration is live and going well with almost 800 players registered and paid up. However, there are around 48 players who have registered on the system but have yet to pay their registration fee. We do have a Hardship policy in place but none of those I am referring to have asked for this to be considered and to be frank we are talking about almost £8k outstanding.

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February Coaching Camp


The next camp will be over the February Half Term and will be held at Nicholas Breakspear on the Astro. The booking system for the Feb Camp is now open.

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Thanks to all the managers I contacted who had players were the parents had ticked the No Photography Box, it’s amazing how many have come back and said this was ticked in error. To those managers who still have to raise this with the parents I have indicated please let me know the outcome. Remember if this is not an error then the manager will need to make these parents aware that this will include the Presentation Day programme and any match day photography that may be taking place, tournaments and cup finals.

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Young Saints Membership Scheme.


The club is committed to working closely with our local schools and clubs, such as St Albans City F.C, hence the chance to be part of the saint’s supporters club. The Young Saints enables children to attend up to five league matches free of charge, with an accompanying adult paying half-price on each occasion, making local live football both affordable and hopefully enjoyable! Along with these significant discounts on entrance fee, the Young Saints members have opportunities to enter free draws for signed shirts, signed footballs and mascot packages. Children will also receive regular updates, posters and player profiles through e-mail, along with football competitions and other special events over the course of the year.


The partnership between St Albans City F.C., St Albans City Youth and our local primary schools is a key factor in supporting bids for grants at club level and we are fully committed to developing stronger links and working closely together within our local community. Both St Albans City and St Albans City Youth are working together with the EJA teams to ensure a player pathway for the youth of the district.


Membership costs just £5.00 per year per child and we’d like to think that this is great value for money. If you do decide to go along just once or twice in a season, the membership card would enable a parent to take their children along and all gain entry to the match for less than a tenner!


For any children wishing to sign up, you can join online by going to in addition paper forms will also be made available to your team managers. Once you sign up for a Young Saints Membership you will be sent your membership card for the season and we will send you all the player profiles that have already been distributed to current members. Best wishes for the rest of the season and it would be great to see as many young St Albans City Youth players possible coming along and enjoying a match or two at Clarence Park.


We are looking to issue these cards direct (for free) to all our players for next season.

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Service to Sports Awards


I am pleased to announce that Steve Ward, who heads up the clubs Disability section was presented with the Directors Special Recognition award at the Herts Sports Partnerships Service to Sport awards at the Herts Sports Village (Herts Uni), this was for his outstanding work with the club’s disability section. Well done Steve.

On the points above Geoff Watts added, It was fantastic to see Steve Ward and the St Albans disability team recognised at the HSP awards this week. It is also great news regarding the new 3G pitch at Samuel Ryder, thanks to Mervyn and Matt Gauthier for their hard work in ensuring this.

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Mervyn Morgan


To update the meeting on my statement from a few meetings ago about my own position, I have had a long hard think and I have now advised the Trustees that I will be standing down from my role at the next AGM (September 2018).



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Press Secretaries Report


There has been lots of coverage for City Youth teams in the Herts Ad. The newspaper are now including reports from the younger teams alongside the older ones. There has also been positive coverage for the EJA teams.


A few teams are still yet to send in their squad lists for the season. These teams are: U13 West, U12 Victoria, U12 West, U12 Orient, U11 Saxons, U11 Dragons, U10 Orient, U9 South, U9 West.

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Any other business


Thanks to Terry for continuing to put pressure on the Herts Ad to publish as many reports as possible.


Girls Section: Last week, an Arsenal Ladies coach put on a session for the U13 Girls. Arsenal Ladies will be hosting another session for the City Youth U18's on Tuesday 5th December 7-8 at Nicky B. All coaches are invited to attend and observe.

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Next Meeting – Geoff Watts


The next meeting will be held on Sunday 7th January 2018

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Merry Christmas