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November 2017 Managers Meeting - Minutes

St Albans City Youth Community Football Club

Managers Meeting 5th November 2017

Held at The Scout Hut, Riverside Road, St Albans

The full list of meeting attendees is included in the PDF version which can be downloaded here >>>

Key Points from the meeting

Secretaries Report

Treasurers Report

General Coaching and Community

Level 1 Coaching Dates

CPD Sessions

Goalkeepers Coaching Update


Highfield Park - Look after it


Club Player Registration System Update

Holiday Coaching Camps

Press Secretaries Report

Any other business

Next Meeting

Secretaries Report – Ian Woods


Highfield Park, teams at Highfield Park, please do not open Changing Room 3 as there is an issue with the door.


There was a City Youth Rain Jacket left at Highfield with the initials OD?

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Treasurer’s Report – Lesley Wray


This time of year, is when we see the healthiest balance in the account due to the payment of registration/training fees. Please make sure your players are registered and payment has been made.


The new on-line registration system is working well. All players must be registered this way. If you have any queries, please ask Mervyn Morgan or Neil Sweeney.


Team sponsorship has been received from Starlite Limousine and Oomph Creative, many thanks to both companies, the Oomph Creative sponsorship is as a result of the photo sales from the Presentation Day at the Alban Arena, a big thankyou to Ben Killner.

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General, Coaching and Community – Mervyn Morgan


Level 1 Coaching Courses


The Level 1 Coaching Courses at Nicky B are both full, the next available course is at the County Ground, Letchworth starting in February 2018.

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CPD – Continued Professional Development Session


We hosted a CPD event at Nicholas Breakspear during October, under the How We Coach section with the theme of Coach in Action on Match Day.


There are several other CPD Events coming up around the County:


Who We Are


Selected Date by Club


Developing a Coaching Philosophy


Monday 23rd

Wheathampstead W


How We Play




Developing Attacking Play – In Possession


Tuesday 5th

Chorleywood CY

Developing Defending Play – Out of Possession


Wednesday 17th


Formats of Football – Transition from 5v5 – 11v11


Wednesday 27th

Stevenage Boro Juniors


The Future Player




The Developing Player – Player Development


Tuesday 20th

Bishops Storford CFC


How we Coach




Coaching Fundamentals


Wednesday 29th

Harpenden Colts

Developing Practice


Wednesday 14th

Bury Rangers




Goalkeeper Coaching


Day of session

Time of session

Age range

Type of session

Lead coach

Assistant coach



All ages

Drop in

Alex Gates

Top Young Coach




Curriculum based Programme

(Book via the website)

Alex Gates

Tom Spratt




Curriculum based Programme

(Book via the website)

Alex Gates

 Tom Spratt




All equipment orders must come through Mervyn, they are then being managed by Minerva, when your orders are available you will be notified at which point you will need to collect from Minerva. Please collect them quickly as we do not want to clog up Minerva’s available space (they are doing us a favour).


All kit orders are being handled by Louise Shepherd, Louise can be contacted via email on

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Highfield Park


We have had problems, still, with the looking up and general housekeeping at Highfield Park. On one occasion the store was left unlocked. Can we ensure that we switch off, lock up and pick up, basically leave the place as we would like to find it.


In addition, over the Summer lots of work has been carried out at Highfield, reseeding, fertilising, vertidrain and coming up shortly more sanding on Pitch 11. This has cost a lot of money hence look after Highfield.

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Safeguarding Courses, there are two courses with spaces, both at the County Ground, one in November and the other in December, go to the Herts FA website for details.


Just another reminder please check that your Safeguarding certification is up to date, if not then please put it right. To check go to the Herts FA website and log into Members Services with your FAN Number.




1. The individual stops any involvement as a coach until he has a valid DBS


2. If you have a parent who wishes to get more involved and wishes to help out then before the start they must have a DBS Check


For any of the above contact Ian or Mervyn to start the DBS process.

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Online Player Registration System


The new online system for Club Player Registration is live and going well with almost 800 players registered and paid up. However, there are around 48 players who have registered on the system but have yet to pay their registration fee. The parents would have received and email in the last few days as a chaser, I will be emailing out to the managers concerned this week asking them to chase if payment is not forthcoming. We do have a Hardship policy in place but none of those I am referring to have asked for this to be considered and to be frank we are talking about almost £8k outstanding.

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October Coaching Camp


The October Half Term coaching camp numbers were down on previous camps, the next camp will be over the February Half Term and will be held at Nicholas Breakspear on the Astro. The booking system will be open for this in the next few weeks.

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Treasurers Position


You will all be aware Lesley announced at the last meeting that she would be standing down at the end of her current term as Treasurer. After the October meeting I advertised for a volunteer to take on this role within the club and I am pleased to announce that after a meeting earlier in the week Robert Baker (Chartered Accountant), long-time supporter of the club, has agreed to become the clubs next treasurer and a member of the Trustees. During the coming months we will be bring Robert up to speed with what the role entails and working on a smooth handover.

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Several Parents have indicated that they do not wish their child to be included in any club photography. Mervyn will be notifying those team managers effected in the coming weeks. Mangers will need to make these parents aware that this will include the Presentation Day programme and any match day photography that may be taking place, tournaments and cup finals.

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Press Secretaries Report


The names of those teams who still need to send in their player team lists was read out.


Please remember, can reports be sent in on time (failure to do so will lead to 'name and shame'!). Remember to send in your reports via Text Message.

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Any other business


There will be a Young Saints Membership Scheme being launched shortly. Mervyn will be having a meeting with Bob Bridal and Phil Coates during the next few days. Once confirmed details will be shared.

Chris Johnson explained his concerns regarding the Under 8 Girls fixtures.


There are four players from one of the Under 9 teams who are going to Real Madrid in February thanks to the Coerver Partner Club arrangement.


The Under 16 EJA defeated Hitchin Town EJA in the County Cup.


Junior Sports Leaders Course will be taking place at Nicholas Breakspear School during the February Half Term week, for more details contact Mervyn Morgan


Mid Herts Rural Minors League, a number of managers raised their concerns regarding the MHRML and its current organisation which seems to be focussed on raising as much money as possible from fines (Currently stand at £500).


The Herts Inclusive Youth League held their Presentation Event at Watford Football Club on Saturday, with the players trophies being donated by the clubs kit supplier Henry Tilly Ltd. It was a great evening, a big thank you to Steve Ward and Tracey Light.



Next Meeting Sunday 3rd December Meeting at 19:30 for a 19:45 hrs start.

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