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October 2017 Managers Meeting - Minutes

St Albans City Youth Community Football Club

Managers Meeting 1st October 2017

Held at The Scout Hut, Riverside Road, St Albans

The full list of meeting attendees is included in the PDF version which can be downloaded here >>>


Key Points from the meeting

Secretaries Report

Treasurers Report

General Coaching and Community

Level 1 Coaching Dates

Linesman Workshop

CPD Sessions

Goalkeepers Coaching Update

Sponsorship and Kit

New Sponsorship Manager

Additional Coaching Support

Highfield Park - Look after it


Club Player Registration System Update

Holiday Coaching Camps

Importance of attending monthly meetings


Mervyn Morgan

Press Secretaries Report

Any other business

Next Meeting


Secretaries Report – Ian Woods

Can teams in the West Herts Youth League please remember to take their team /registration sheets to all games.

The club have received fines due to results cards not being handed in, please ensure all procedures are carried out each week.

There are new FA disciplinary rules. If there is a booking in a match then please inform Ian immediately. Red cards can now be appealed but you only have two days to do this and you cannot appeal if it's for two yellow cards or for bad language/dissent. A caution is a £10 fine which also goes to Ian.

The Greenwood Park gates will now be open on matchdays.

The Highfield clubhouse has been tidied (thanks to Jason). We aim to keep it this way so please put any respect barriers, goals, corner flags and other equipment back where you found them.

The Verulamium pitches are back up and running and the trees have been trimmed.

The 2017/18 Presentation Day will be on Saturday 16th June. It will be set out more like a theatre this year rather than the usual layout.

Tours: Teams must make their own arrangements for tours. However, if teams want to liaise with each other if they are considering going to the same location then Ian can arrange this. (See Mervyn Morgan item on Tours)

An attendee is required for the next Mid Herts Rural Minors League meeting on Thursday 19th October. This role will be rotated each month.

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Treasurer’s Report – Lesley Wray

Managers to see Leslie for referee fees for the upcoming season.

The Highfield Tea Bar is open every Saturday and Sunday morning, feel free to stop by at any time.

Lesley made a statement about Dave on the one-year anniversary:

Many tributes have been made for Dave including the following:

  • Bench at Highfield Park,
  • 2016/17 County Cup final being played in memory of David (first time for a club official),
  • Special Olympics award being named after him,
  • Speech at the 2017 Presentation Day
  • Memorial Match organised by the young coaches.

Nothing has been done at Nicholas Breakspear School due to the issues with the Sink Fund which David was fully aware off. The only annual tribute will be a Herts Sports Partnership Award and it shall be kept this way.

This will be Leslie's last year as Club Treasurer after 30 years involved with the club. Mervyn will be publishing a job advert for this role in the near future.

The whole meeting stood and applauded Lesley.

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General, Coaching and Community – Mervyn Morgan

Level 1 Coaching Courses

We are hosting two Level 1 Coaching Courses at Nicholas Breakspear over the coming months, the first is in October (Full) and the second in February (5 places available as of today 1st Oct).

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Linesman Workshop

After the success of the first Lineman’s workshop on 11th September we are hosting a second workshop tomorrow evening (2nd Oct) at Nicholas Breakspear School starting at 19:00hrs. There are around 5 places available.

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CPD – Continued Professional Development Session

We will be hosting a CPD event at Nicholas Breakspear on Tuesday 17th October. It will be under the How We Coach section with the theme of Coach in Action on Match Day. Julius Ilori and Chris Samways will be liaison with the Herts FA for this event.

There are several other CPD Events coming up around the County:

Who We Are


Selected Date by Club


Developing a Coaching Philosophy


Monday 23rd

Wheathampstead W


How We Play




Developing Attacking Play – In Possession


Tuesday 5th

Chorleywood CY

Developing Defending Play – Out of Possession


Wednesday 17th


Systems of Play/Formations of Play


Thursday 2nd

Berkhamsted Raiders

Formats of Football – Transition from 5v5 – 11v11


Wednesday 27th

Stevenage Boro Juniors


The Future Player




The Developing Player – Player Development


Tuesday 20th

Bishops Storford CFC


How we Coach




Coaching Fundamentals


Wednesday 29th

Harpenden Colts

Coach in Action – Match Day


Tuesday 17th

St Albans City Youth

Developing Practice


Wednesday 14th

Bury Rangers

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Goalkeeper Coaching

Day of session

Time of session

Age range

Type of session

Lead coach

Assistant coach



All ages

Drop in

Alex Gates

Top Young Coach




Curriculum based Programme

(Book via the website)

Angus Robinson

Alex Gates




Curriculum based Programme

(Book via the website)

Angus Robinson

Alex Gates






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The new Seasons Kit and Equipment Requirements - Just to reiterate


All equipment orders must come through Mervyn, they are then being managed by Minerva, when your orders are available you will be notified at which point you will need to collect from Minerva. Please collect them quickly as we do not want to clog up Minerva’s available space (they are doing us a favour).

All kit orders are being handled by Louise Shepherd, Louise can be contacted via email on

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Sponsorship and Kit

New Sponsorship and Commercial Manager

It is with great pleasure that we can announce long-time supporter and friend of St Albans City Youth Community FC, Jeremy Pearlman has agreed to take on the role covering Sponsorship and Commercial. This will include team and club sponsorship plus any other commercial opportunities that will provide the club with a benefit.

Over the next few months, Mervyn Morgan will bring Jeremy up to speed with the clubs commercial and sponsorship operation.

We have had over a dozen new sponsors during the summer, well done to everyone involved. Information on Sponsorship options is available to download from the website.

If you have a Sponsor please wait until the sponsor has paid the money to the club before approaching Louise to order the new kit. We have had a couple of occasions this season when this was not the case.

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Additional Coaching Support

We did say this at the start of last season but I am taking this opportunity to reiterate it again in readiness for this season. Several teams ask if they can have coaching support from our young coaches, where possible we will accommodate these requests. However please remember if there are any costs involved it is the teams who should be paying the coaches for example if you are paying a young coach £10 to coach at your training session then the cost is paid by the team (parents normally have a whip round) .

The reason for raising this is that several teams (last season) said they were not aware of these rules and the club has ended up paying these costs every month. This will not be the case this season.

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Highfield Park

Last year we had a few issues at Highfield Park during the season, these ranged from lights left on in the Pavilion, the Pavilion being left unlocked, Gate left unlocked and rubbish left on the fields (Water bottles etc). This season can we ensure that we switch off, lock up and pick up, basically leave the place as we would like to find it.

In addition, over the Summer lots of work has been carried out at Highfield, reseeding, fertilising, vertidrain and coming up shortly more sanding on Pitch 11. This has cost a lot of money hence look after Highfield.

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Just another reminder please check that your Safeguarding certification is up to date, if not then please put it right. To check go to the Herts FA website and log into Members Services with your FAN Number.


1. The individual stops any involvement as a coach until he has a valid DBS

2. If you have a parent who wishes to get more involved and wishes to help out then before the start they must have a DBS Check

For any of the above contact Ian or Mervyn to start the DBS process.

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Online Player Registration System

The new online system for Club Player Registration is live and going well with almost 800 players registered and paid up. However, there are around 48 players who have registered on the system but have yet to pay their registration fee. The parents would have received and email in the last few days as a chaser, I will be emailing out to the managers concerned this week asking them to chase if payment is not forthcoming. We do have a Hardship policy in place but none of those I am referring to have asked for this to be considered and to be frank we are talking about almost £8k outstanding.

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October Coaching Camp

The next coaching camp will be over the October Half Term from 23rd to 27th October, this time at Nicholas Breakspear School on the Astro. To book go to

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Importance of attending the monthly meeting

The start of this season has been no different from any other season with the following exception, the number of times we must explain things again and again to managers who have not come to meetings. This is now taking up an inordinate amount of time. It is far easier for everyone including us, to be able explain things once. We know that not everyone is able to attend every meeting and there will be times when it is impossible, but if the manager cannot attend please see if you can get one of the parents to attend for you so at least your team is represented.

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Questions are being asked about club tours and can the club organise them? Firstly, we do not have the resource to organise the tours but we can give guidance. We have no problem with teams going on tour providing they comply with the club’s policy (available on the website). However, before teams get to far with the planning it would make sense for them to get a feel for the possible take up of both parents and players. This includes ascertaining the costs and numbers involved as well as deposit requirements.

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Mervyn Morgan

Having just had a week away I have taken this time to assess my role within the club. A year has passed since we lost Dave and bearing in mind Dave and I (over more than 30 years) did all our work at the club together, as a team, I have found that what was once a pleasure is now becoming a burden. Before I go any further It is only fair that I speak with Ian and the rest of the committee about my decision after which I will be publish a statement.

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Press Secretaries Report

Please can reports be sent in on time (failure to do so will lead to 'name and shame'!). Remember to send in your reports via Text Message.

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Any other business

Several managers commented that the Coerver coaching support has been a great success so far with a wide range of age groups using it so far.

Sarah Kropman - Note for Under 18 teams - look out for University Open days as they often clash with matches.

Ian Woods - There is spare equipment at Highfield to be taken if teams are short.

Geoff Watts announced that Paul Thompson (36) (one of Geoff’s former players) has sadly passed away in the past few weeks. Paul played over 200 times for St Albans City Youth. He was a centre back known for his honesty, calmness and reliability and was captain of his team for five years.

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Next Meeting

Sunday 5th November Meeting at 19:30 for a 19:45 hrs start.

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