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September 2017 Managers Meeting - Minutes

St Albans City Youth Community Football Club

Managers Meeting 3rd September 2017

Held at The Scout Hut, Riverside Road, St Albans


The full list of meeting attendees is included in the PDF version which can be downloaded here >>>


Key Points from the meeting


Secretaries Report

Treasurers Report

General Coaching and Community

Level 1 Coaching Dates

Linesman Workshop

PDC Update

Goalkeepers Coaching Update

Sponsorship and Kit

Additional Coaching Support

Highfield Park - Look after it

Press Secretaries Report


Club Player Registration System Update

Coerver Coaching Update

Holiday Coaching Camps

Under 14 Girls Update

Next Meeting




Secretaries Report – Ian Woods


For teams taking part in the MHRML Registration cards and Match Balls are available to collect at this meeting. Match Delegate High Viz Jackets are also available. If other teams require Match Delegate Jackets please see Mervyn Morgan (he has a supply).


For teams taking part in the Watford Friendly League Registration Cards and League Handbooks are available at this meeting.


For teams taking part in the West Herts Youth league and Herts Girls League the info for these leagues is being collected on Monday.


Highfield Park, not all goal posts are up, some posts are still in the store which is creating an issue with access.


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Treasurer’s Report – Lesley Wray – Presented by Mervyn Morgan


Mervyn presented the Treasurers report on behalf of Lesley


CAF BANK CASH ACCOUNT                   £98,919.00


CAF BANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT            £60,000.00


A working capital of £158,919 of which £67,118.00 is allocated for the Community projects.


This time of year is when we see the healthiest balance in the account due to the payment of registration/training fees. Please make sure your players are registered and payment has been made, the new on-line registration system is working well. All players must be registered this way. If you have any queries please ask Mervyn Morgan or Neil Sweeney. (See Mervyns Report)


Team sponsorship has been received from Avente, Verulam Health Care, Levy Associates, Hamilton Events, Routeco, Aria Public Relations, Guidesmiths, Saints Barbers and CV Insight. To confirm current arrangements about sponsorship – payment from sponsors is required before the ordering/collection of the kit. New guidance for the Clubs Sponsorship Arrangements for this season are available on the website.


We have received Grant money from Herts FA - £750 Growth Fund and a final payment of £1,000 from the Football Conference Trust for the end of year 1 of a 2 year programme.


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General, Coaching and Community – Mervyn Morgan


Level 1 Coaching Courses


We are hosting two Level 1 Coaching Courses at Nicholas Breakspear over the coming months, the first is in October and the second in February.


The Herts FA are taking bookings for the courses now, however this is via a dedicated club link until the 22nd September after which anyone will be able to book a place (if there are any available).


Anyone from the club who would like to book a place please give me your details and I will send you the booking link.


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Linesman Workshop


The joint Lineman’s workshop we are holding in tandem with Harvesters at Nicholas Breakspear on 11th September is full, the last of the 24 places went over the last few days.


I will be looking to get a second date for another workshop with Phil Sharp in the next month or so, anyone interested should give me their details.


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Mondays at Nicholas Breakspear School on the Astro, more news about the PDC will be published on the website shortly – Charlie Boswell


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Goalkeeper Coaching


Day of session

Time of session

Age range

Type of session

Lead coach

Assistant coach



All ages

Drop in

Alex Gates

Top Young Coach




Curriculum based Programme

Angus Robinson

Alex Gates




Curriculum based Programme

Angus Robinson

Alex Gates


The new Seasons Kit and Equipment Requirements - Just to reiterate




But to confirm all equipment orders must come through Mervyn, they are then being managed by Minerva, when your orders are available you will be notified at which point you will need to collect from Minerva. Please collect them quickly as we do not want to clog up Minerva’s available space (they are doing us a favour).


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Sponsorship and Kit


We have had over a dozen new sponsors during the summer, well done to everyone involved. Information on Sponsorship options is available to download from the website.


If you have a Sponsor please wait until the sponsor has paid the money to the club before approaching Louise to order the new kit. We have had a couple of occasions this season when this was not the case.


All kit orders are being handled by Louise Shepherd, Louise can be contacted via email on


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Additional Coaching Support


We did say this at the start of last season but I am taking this opportunity to reiterate it again in readiness for this season. Several teams ask if they can have coaching support from our young coaches, where possible we will accommodate these requests. However please remember if there are any costs involved it is the teams who should be paying the coaches for example if you are paying a young coach £10 to coach at your training session then the cost is paid by the team (parents normally have a whip round) .


The reason for raising this is that several teams (last season) said they were not aware of these rules and the club has ended up paying these costs every month. This will not be the case this season.


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Highfield Park


Last year we had a few issues at Highfield Park during the season, these ranged from lights left on in the Pavilion, the Pavilion being left unlocked, Gate left unlocked and rubbish left on the fields (Water bottles etc). This season can we ensure that we switch off, lock up and pick up, basically leave the place as we would like to find it.


In addition, over the Summer lots of work has been carried out at Highfield, reseeding, fertilising, vertidrain and coming up shortly more sanding on Pitch 11. This has cost a lot of money hence look after Highfield.


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Press Secretaries Report - Terry Edwards


Terry spoke about the continued improvement with regards to coverage in the Herts Ad. There was weekly coverage in the last few months of last season and several articles over the summer.


Congratulations to Chris Johnson for being the first manager to send in his squad list for the new season, please remember all teams should send in this list to avoid (hopefully) any players names being misspelt in the press.


Teams must text in their match reports to Terry (not email).


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Any other business


Safeguarding – Mervyn Morgan


Just another reminder please check that your Safeguarding certification is up to date, if not then please put it right. To check go to the Herts FA website and log into Members Services with your FAN Number.




1. The individual stops any involvement as a coach until he has a valid DBS


2. If you have a parent who wishes to get more involved and wishes to help out then before the start they must have a DBS Check


For any of the above contact Ian or Mervyn to start the DBS process.


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Online Player Registration System – Mervyn Morgan


The new online system for Club Player Registration is live and going well with 660 players registered and paid up. The link to access has been sent out several times but it is also available from the manager’s tab on the website. Thanks to Neil Sweeney.


Please note several teams have still to register a single player on the system, you know who you are but we will be sending out chasers in the next week or so. In addition, we have a list of players who have been registered but have not paid the registration fee, the total amount is over £4,000 owed, can all managers check the list and make note after the meeting.


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Coerver - Mervyn Morgan


The First Coerver Partner Club Coach Education Clinic for City Youth FC will take place at Nicholas Breakspear on Wednesday 6th September from 18:00 - 20:30. All managers are invited to attend.


The email addresses from the clubs Player Registration System will be used to invite players to login to the Coerver Hub, in the next week or so. Players registering after this time will have to wait a month to get access to the Hub.


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Summer Coaching Camp Success – Mervyn Morgan


This Summers City Youth Coaching Camp, held at Highfield Park was one of the best attended in the history of this special event. The camp, held over three weeks, saw total numbers hit more than 900, some children even attended every day of the three-week camp. Special thanks must go to Sam, Chris and Julius and to all the St Albans City Youth Coaches for making these camps a continued success. The City Youth coaches who help run the event are a product of the City Youth Young Coaches programme which has produced hundreds of qualified Level 1 Coaches over the past 10 years.


The next coaching camp will be over the October Half Term from 23rd to 27th October, this time at Nicholas Breakspear School on the Astro.


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New Management team for the Under 14 Girls – Sarah Kropman


Sarah announced the new management team for the Under 14 Girls, they are Mark Bradley, Chris Foley and Michelle Hyman. They we welcomed to the club and thanked for stepping up at such short notice after the previous manager stood down.


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Next Meeting – Geoff Watts


The next meeting will be held on Sunday 1st October, please note it will be preceded by the Clubs Annual General Meeting. The AGM will commence at 7:00 pm followed by the Managers meeting at 7:45 pm.


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