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The Club


The club, founded in 1971 by Ian Woods, became a registered charity in 2001, in the same year the club was awarded the FA Charter Standard status.Currently we have more than 1000 players (boys, girls and disability) registered in over 80 teams with an age range of 7 - 18 years (open age for Disability teams). The Management Committee of Managers, Assistants and Officers give their time free as do the Board of Trustees who oversee the club to ensure that it is run on a sustainable basis with its core values and development objectives being achieved.

We do employ and develop a number of full time apprentice coaches to help us achieve our aims. Currently we have a number of Community Coaches and Apprentices. We try only to cover our costs each season, charging players registration fee to cover insurance’s at the same time we try to make the cost of playing for our club as reasonable as possible for parents/guardians. Each team costs between £1500 and £2000 per year to run which includes kit, pitches, equipment, referees and first aid etc. Additional money is raised by the Officers, Management, Players and Parents by fund-raising, sponsorship etc. Each team is provided with match kit, this can come from sponsorship, grant applications, parents or club funds, if a team grows out of a kit and it is still in good condition it can be passed down to another team. Once it reaches a certain age it is shipped out for use in Africa. The funds needed to run a club of our size requires in excess of £200,000 per year to operate,

We also provided coaching, skill practice and football fun for, at the last count, 150 youngsters under 7. This is provided every Saturday and during school holidays. We now ask the parents if they could pay us an annual fee of £35 purely to cover the cost of insurance and field maintenance. The Club as a whole are insured for in excess of £1,000,000. Club Membership includes all the Officers, Managers, Coaches, Players, all the Non-Players (Supporters, Parents etc.) The club also supports Schools within the St Albans area by promoting School-Club links and providing coaching courses and experience for sixth formers training for their Coaching Badges. The Disability Section have plans to replicate the School-Club coaching experience throughout their section and with Special Olympics. Towards the end of each season we encourage teams "to tour" using our links with Europe, America and Africa.


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Annie Brewster


Malcolm MacMillan

Life Vice President:

Robert Murphy

Vice Presidents:

Jim McGregor, John Veasey, Mike Day, Carol Day, Ray Anderson, Pete Harvey, Malcolm Elliott, Brian Gibson, John Warriner, Jeff Lawrence, David Atkinson, Ray Parker, Wilfried Veldhuigzen, Richard Gaskin, Geoff Watts, William McAulay, Ged Deacon, Mervyn Morgan, Kerry Pollard, Mark Clark, Alan Heaffey, Chris Mawhood, Chris Pearce, Duncan Lowthian, Peter Towndrow, Alan Moorhouse

Board of Trustees

Sam Mardle (Chair), Geoff Watts, Ian Woods, Brian Pyke, Kelly Hancock, Lawrence Levy, Sarah Kropman, Lesley Wray, Robert Baker