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Hayley Ladd in Mexico

Haley LaddHayley Ladd, for ex St Albans City Youth and now Wales Full International in Mexico


Week 1  - Hola! I have completed my first week here in Puerta Vallarta and it has been a bit of a manic one at that!

Nonetheless having a great time and feel like we as a group are doing some really good and much needed work! I personally have been based at the gym (cea bootcamp) and so have been helping a lot with thw active side. Its mon-fri 9-1 and its a combination of normal kids (whose parents pay for the summer camp ) but also with about 25 kids from the rise orphanage. this means the kids are mixed together which we all think is a great experience for them!

All children are very well behaved and get on really well!

I have attached a couple pictures (below) to give you an idea of the gym etc!  the owner used to be an orphan and lets the rise orphanage use it for free and as you can see from the photos the facilities are amazing!