St Albans District Tournament Hosted By St Albans City Youth


St Albans District Tournament Hosted By St Albans City Youth

On 7th February, the Year 7 and 8 Girl’s Football teams set out to Highfield Park to play in the District Tournament . I was in the Year 8 team and our first match was against Nicholas Breakspear. Our captain Emily Bentley kept our spirits high and by the seconds half it was 1-0 to STAGS with Ashleigh Johnson scoring. It stayed 1-0 which meant we were a step closer to getting a great victory.

Our second game was against Roundwood. They scored the first goal but Sabrina Illian equalised. It stayed 1-1 and we went through to the final on goal difference.

The final was against Marlborough. It was a tight game and they worked us very hard and subsequently one of their girls got a break away and smashed the ball over our keeper, Aimee Reid’s head. The half time whistle blew giving us a chance to get together and have a team talk. We set out for the second half in high hopes of at least a draw. Our wish came true and excellent passes between the midfield players gave the striker a shot at goal, 1-1! The final whistle blew and the referee gave us another 30 minutes extra time. There were so many chances to score at both ends but nobody could take them until I dribbled the ball, played a one two with one of our midfields and had a one on one between the keeper and I. She came closer to me giving me a chance to play it over her head. The ball went straight in the net and our team roared with happiness, we were district champions for the second year in a row. We were awarded with golden medals. Unfortunately our Year 7’s came a close second but I’m sure they put in as much effort as we did. We went home that day proud and with lots of hope for next year’s competition.

Niketa Dinnall, 8F