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Goalkeeping Tutorial Success

On November 29th the club hosted their first ever Goalkeeping Tutorial. The course was aimed to give coaches, managers and parents a basic knowledge of goalkeeping techniques and skills required to succeed within matches. The course was lead by Senior Goalkeeping Coach, Dean Goodwin and Assistant Coach Matt Bennett and covered topics such as the W catch, cup, scoop, high catch, position along with much more. At the end of the course we had 15 coaches with a new, basic understanding of the position and how to identify and correct techniques.

We would like to remind you that goalkeepers train Tuesday 5-6 and Friday 6-8 at Nicholas Breakspear School and Saturday 10-12 at Highfield Park.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Dean for the goalkeeping tutorial. I genuinely found it very interesting and really useful to know the terminology and ideas behind what you have been working on with Ellen on Tuesday evenings. I think all ideas were expressed clearly and articulately and I was very impressed with how well all questions were addressed and answered. Thank you for also providing us with the handout; I particularly want to use the warm up ideas with Ellen prior to games as I have never previously known what I should be doing other than getting her to catch some balls!  I know you were asking if there is any constructive criticism/ideas for next time, but really struggling to suggest anything other than perhaps repeating the session at a warmer time of year!  Many thanks again,  Sarah