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Small Sided Tournaments

Boys Small Sided Football Tournament 2020

St Albans City Youth Football Club

Boys Small Sided Football Tournament

To book go to

Venue Highfield Park, St Albans, Herts

Age groups: under 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 (as in 2019 / 2020 season).

You may enter up to three teams of 9 players per age group.

£35 per team

Saturday 30th May  - Under 7 (5 A Side) Fairplay Tournament (am)

Saturday 30th May - Under 9 & 10 Competitions. (pm)

Sunday 31st May - Under 11 & 12 Competitions. (am)

Sunday 31st May - Under 8 (5 A Side) Fairplay Tournament (pm)

Nine winners and runners-up medals will be provided for Under 9’s, 10’s, 11’s and 12’s age groups (6 A Side) The winning team in each age group will also receive a trophy to be retained for twelve months.

The Under 7’s and 8's (5 A Side)* Tournaments will be a Fairplay Festival supported by the Hertfordshire Football Association. All under 7’s and 8’s players will receive either a pennant or trophy.

Apart from the football, there will be activities to keep players and spectators amused, as well as hot snacks, tea, coffee and cold drinks on sale.

Tournament Rules and Joining Instructions will be sent out closer to the Tournament.

*The Hertfordshire FA have confirmed that both the Under 7's and Under 8's festivals must be 5 A Side.

This Tournament is Sanctioned by the Hertfordshire Football Association

To book go to


St Albans City Youth FC Girls Small Sided Football Tournament

St Albans City Youth FC Girls Small Sided Football Tournament

Venue Highfield Park  20th May 2018


Report by Terry Edwards


Tournament Organisor Louise Shepherd


Under 8s

The Girls Under 8's Festival took place with 10 teams from 7 Clubs and they were Meninas FC, Garston Ladies, Harpenden Colts, Hitchin Belles, Stevenage Starlets, Bedwell Rangers and St Albans City Youth and the 10 teams were split into 2 groups of five of which saw the STACY Girls play against Meninas FC, Garston Ladies Harpenden Colts and Hitchin Belles. This is a non-competitive festival which means all the girls will receive a medal for taking part in the tournament.

The Girls taking part for the STACY Under 8's are Alexa Johnson, Sophea Bridge, Jessica Reeve, Siena Sahota, Charlotte Luckhurst, Olivia Wood and Sacha Davies. They had two 1-0 wins over Meninas FC B and Harpenden Colts respectively with goals from Sacha Davies and Alexa Johnson and then a 0-0 draw against Garston Ladies Pumas whilst their final was a 1-0 defeat against Hitchin Belles A.

Under 9s

On to the Under 9's Girls Festival which consisted on one group on 6 teams from 5 clubs and they were Stevenage Starlets, Ware Youth, Herts Girls, Garston Ladies Tigers, STACY Central and STACY North and as the 8 Girls it is a non-competitive Festival, so all the girls will receive a medal for taking part in the tournament.

The Girls for the STACY Central team are as follows, Lauren Viney, Enya Brewster, Lucy Hosty, Alais Bell and Holly Green. They started with a 2-1 loss against Herts Girls FC and then another 2-1 defeat this time by STACY North with Lauren Viney and Enya Brewster scoring the goals for the STACY Central respectively. This was followed by a 9-0 win over Stevenage Starlets with Enya Brewster scoring 5 of the goals whilst her partner up front Lucy Hosty struck four. In their other two matches saw them lose 1-0 to Garston Ladies and then 2-0 to Ware Youth.

The players for the STACY North were Rachel Kincaid, Maisie Taylor, Sophie Harris, Chloe Freedman, Verity Lobina, Thegan Atwell, Shea Fagan and Sophie McMahon. In their five matches saw them lose 1-0 to Ware Youth and then 1-0 to Garston Ladies but they hit back with a 2-1 victory over STACY Central with goals from Rachel Kincaid and Sophie McMahon and this was followed by a 7-0 win over Stevenage Starlets. Scoring the goals in this match were Rachel Kincaid 2, Chloe Freedman 2, Verity Lobina 2 and Thegan Atwell with one. They also had a 1-1 draw with Herts Girls with Thegan Atwell scoring a fine equaliser.

Under 10s

Now we move on to the 10 Girls Festival which saw 10 teams take part from 7 different clubs and these were Hitchin Belles, Bury Rangers, Meninas FC, Bedwell Rangers, Berkhamsted Rangers, Garston Ladies and STACY 10 Girls and these 10 team were split into 2 groups of five. Playing for the 10 Girls were Emma Bracey, Gabby Bradley, Alessia Cipolla, Vanessa Cipolla, Emily Edgecombe, Olive Jones, Sophie Lerwill. Scarlett Robb, Teagan Scarlett, and Rebecca Smith.

The STACY 10 girls were in sparkling form with first a 3-0 win over Bury Rangers Girls A with goals from Rebecca Smith, Alessia Cipolla and Scarlett Robb. They next played Bedwell Rangers Red Devils and won 4-0 with Teagan Scarlett scoring a brace whilst the deadly twin sisters Alessia Cipolla and Vanessa Cipolla both scored one apiece. In their third match saw them storm past Meninas FC B 7-0 with two goals from Scarlett Robb and two goals from Teagan Scarlett plus singles from Sophie Lerwill, Emily Edgecombe and Gabby Bradley. They finished their tournament with a 6-0 win over Hitchin Belles White and scoring all the goals were both Scarlett Robb and Thegan Scarlett with two goals each whilst Rebecca Smith and Alessia Cipolla netted one apiece. So, 4 matches played and 4 wins and 20 goals scored whilst none conceded, well done.

   After this great Festival of Football by all 3 age groups they all came up to be presented each with a medal and presenting them were Sarah Kropman the Head of the Girls Section and Terry Edwards the Clubs Press Secretary.  Well done to all the Girls who took part in a wonderful Festival of Football. See you all next season.

Under 11s

The Under 11 Girls Small Sided Tournament consisted of 2 Group Tables of 6 teams in each with the winners of each group qualifying for the final whilst the runners-up play a match for 3rd and 4th place. In the 1st group were 2 teams from STACY, North A and B whilst the others were Berkhamsted Asteroids, Knebworth Girls, Stevenage Starlets and Stevenage Snowcats.

Winning Group 1 were the STACY North Girls A with a total of 15 points which came from 5 wins and no defeats plus they scored 19 goals and conceded none. They started with a 3-0 win over Stevenage Snowcats with goals from Hannah Pope, Emma Bracey and Talia Joseph and this was followed by a 7-0 victory over Knebworth Girls with three goals from Hannah Pope, 2 from Scarlett Mills and 2 from Talia Joseph. This was followed by a 3-0 win over STACY North Girls B, 1-0 Berkhamsted and finally a 5-0 victory against Stevenage Starlets A and scoring goals in these matches were Scarlett Mills 4, Hannah Pope 3, Emma Bracey and Talia Joseph. 

Coming 2nd were Berkhamsted Asteroids with 4 wins and one loss for a total of 12 points and they also scored a high total which numbered 18 and they just conceded one which was against the winners of group 1 STACY North A. Scoring goals for Berkhamsted were Lila Jenner 4, Alice Coakley 4, Christina Soulsby 3 Maia Lazaro 3, Eloise Hall 2 and Sophie Mabbs 2. 

Finishing in third spot were STACY North B with 3 victories and so they finished on 9 points and their wins were 3-1 over Knebworth Girls, 3-0 Stevenage Starlets A and 3-0 Stevenage Snowcats and scoring for them was Cora Baylis 3, Emilie Hicks 3, Scarlett Robb 2 and Ebba Taylor-Hugh with one. Other players in the team were Marina McCullen, Caitlin Adair and Ruby Littlechild.  

The winners of Group 2 were Stevenage Starlets B who were unbeaten in the group with 3 wins and 2 draws out of their 5 matches played with a total of 11 points and also 11 goals scored, and none conceded and getting the goals for Stevenage were Aimee Le Horore 5, Holly Manning 4 and Louisa Ransom 2.

Coming in 2nd place was STACY South B on 10 points after 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat and scoring 3 goals with their 3 wins all being 1-0 victories over Berkhamsted Supernovas, Berkhamsted Pulsars and STACY South A and scoring those goals were Anna Cox, Erin Mill an Violet Shepherd. The other STACY team A picked up 3 points after three 0-0 draws against Berkhamsted Supernovas, Stevenage Starlets and Bury Rangers. The STACY A squad were Purdy Brooks, Stella Ekblad-Piscitelli, Alicia Moss, Annalise Moss, Freya Elliot, Maya Elliot and Emily Martin.

The 3rd and 4th play-off was between Berkhamsted Rangers Asteroids and STACY South B which saw Berkhamsted win 3-1 with goals from Alice Coakley, Lila Jenner and Maia Lazaro whilst Anna Cox scored the goal for STACY South B. The squad for the Asteroids were Maia Lazaro, Christina Soulsby, Lila Jenner, Yasmin Dixon, Alice Coakley, Eloise Hall and Sophie Mabbs. The squad for STACY South B are as follows Anna Cox, Florence Tatlock, Violet Shepherd, Erin Mill, Elisa Hebblethwaite and Katie Storey-Brown.

So, to the Final which saw STACY North A take on Stevenage Starlets B and what a match it was going to be as both teams were unbeaten in their groups and also both had not conceded any goals as well so the match was really going to be good.

After a close first half the match sprung into life into the second period with Hannah Pope and Evie Cussans both scoring a goal apiece to give STACY North A a 2-0 victory and so keep their unbeaten run and also not to concede any goals as well. The STACY North A squad are Hannah Pope, Rebecca Smith, Evie Cussans, Talia Joseph, Emma Bracey and Scarlett Mills whilst playing for Stevenage Starlets B were Anya Pawor, Lauren Wallelu, Aimee Le Horore, Holly Manning, Louisa Ransom, Ruby Mugford, Emily Mugford and Jasmine Cooper Pearson.

Afterwards Sarah Kropman Head of the STACY Girls Section made the Presentation of the 11 Girls Cup to the winners STACY North A plus medals to all the other three teams, Stevenage Starlets B, Berkhamsted Asteroids and STACY South and she was duly assisted by the Club's Press Secretary Terry Edwards (he gets in everywhere).

Under 12s and 13s

The Under 12's Competition will consist of 2 groups with both groups consisting of 5 teams in each with each team playing four matches with the winners of each group will qualifying for the 12's Girls Final whilst the runners-up from each group will play each other for the 3rd and 4th spot. 

In Group 1 the teams are as follows Hoddesdon Town Owls A, Meninas FC, Watford Ladies Youth, STACY North and Watford FC Girls B.

Winning group 1 were Hoddesdon Town Owls A with 3 wins and one draw for a total of 10 points and scoring 6 goals and only letting in 1 in their 4 matches. They started with a 2-1 win over Meninas, 1-0 over Watford Ladies Youth and this was followed by a 3-0 victory against STACY North. Scoring the goals for Hoddesdon in those matches were Ellie Hatherly 4 and Faye Bullock 2. In second place was Watford FC Girls B with 2 wins and 2 draws for a total of 8 points with two 1-0 wins and two 0-0 draws. 

Scoring for them was Nia Bowman and Amit Goldberg with Charlotte Forster going close on a couple of occasions but alas she could not find that back of the net.

The STACY North only picked up one point with 1 draw and 3 losses, but the goal Katy Stacey scored was a cracker in the team’s 1-1 draw with Meninas FC. The STACY North squad was Edda Scheving, Bella Cowan, Lucie Kemp, Katy Stacey, Sarah-Jane Spears, Elsa Leech, Abbie Beirman, Thisbe Danford and Blaze Wilding.

In Group 2 were teams from STACY South, Bury Rangers, Hoddesdon Town Owls B, Watford FC Girls A and Harpenden Colts.

The winners of Group 2 were STACY South with a 1-0 win over Harpenden Colts with a goal from Isobel Corrigan and this was followed by a 1-0 win against Hoddesdon Town Owls B with Mia Simmonds scoring the only goal of the match. This was followed by two 0-0 draws against Watford FC Girls A and Bury Rangers respectively. Coming in 2nd place was Watford FC Girls A on 6 points after winning 1 match 1-0 against Hoddesdon Owls A with a goal from Eva Brown and then they drew the other three matches 0-0. Following close on the Watford Girls were the Hoddesdon Owls B who were also on 6 points with 2 wins and although they scored 4 goals to Watford's one it was goal difference which decided who went through to the 3rd and 4th play-off place. Watford had plus one whilst Hoddesdon B had scored four but conceded 4 so it was Watford who went through. 

The 3rd and 4th play-off was between Watford Girls A and Watford Girls B which was a very end to end match which resulted in the Watford Girls A just pipping it by two goals to one. Scoring for the Watford Girls A were Eva Brown and Daisy Beesening whilst getting the goal for Watford Girls B was Amit Goldsberg. The players for both teams are the A squad, Bonnie Mander, Hannah Luxton, Hanna Rostek, Sarah McDermont, Eva Brown and Daisy Beesening whilst for the B squad were Tia Ginn, Caitlin Finnerty, Charlotte Forster, Nia Bowman, Tygun Hart, Olivia Brock and Amit Goldsberg.

Well now move onto the final which saw STACY South play Hoddesdon Town Owls A and after a enthralling game which saw neither team break the deadlock in normal time and extra time saw the match end at 0-0. So, onto the dreaded penalty kicks which eventually saw Hoddesdon Town Owls A win 3-1 with spot kicks from Faye Bullock, Ellie Hatherly and Keira Groves whilst Emilia Fishwick scored STACY South penalty kick. The Hoddesdon Owls A team were Josie Lewis, Ellie Young, Keira Groves, Emily Pickard, Faye Bullock, Ellie Hatherly and Lucy Griggs. 

The STACY South squad are as follows Beth Watson (GK), Esme Bush, Grace McMurray, Emilia Fishwick, Jocelyn Rennie, Miranda Wares, Mia Simmonds, Jess Blackman, Beth Watson and Isobel Corrigan.

After the 3rd & 4th place match and the Final had finished all the four teams were presented to Sarah Kropman, The Head of the Girls Section and Terry Edwards the Clubs Press Secretary to be given their medals and also for Hoddesdon Town Owls A to be awarded the 12 Girls Cup. Well done to all the players who took part in the tournament and see all you all next year.