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City Youth Partners CUSA


CENTERVILLE, OHIO – Centerville United Soccer Association (CUSA) Courage, one of the largest youth soccer organisations in Ohio South Youth Soccer, is proud to announce the partnership with St. Albans City Youth Football Club (STACY), the leading Community Club in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


"We are very excited to start what we feel will be a great long term relationship with STACY as a part of the CUSA Soccer family," said Brett Thompson, Executive Director of CUSA. "Through this partnership, CUSA and STACY will exchange ideas on coaching methods, player development, coaching staff will visit each others clubs, teams will also have the opportunity to visit and play in each others countries.  In fact starting this August STACY will be sending staff over to America for the first Coach Exchange.

CUSA Courage Technical Director Janelle Fritschie says this about the partnership:

“The new relationship between CUSA and St. Albans City Youth Football Club is an exciting development for our organisation.  We are looking forward to not only sharing information between our two clubs but also to exchanging coaches and players.  St. Albans has a similar focus on player development and this relationship will only enhance both clubs.”



“This is our 40th season of serving the local community and this is an ideal time to reflect on what we have achieved and to plan ahead” said Chairman of Trustee’s Mervyn Morgan. “We will have reached a milestone where we will have 50 teams next season and we welcome the fresh ideas and experiences that our partnership with CUSA will bring to our club”

Gordon Graham who heads up STACY girls section added “Much of what we have done within the girls section over the past 5 years has been influenced by the American coaching and player development model towards being more professional within a traditionally British volunteer approach. This relationship will help us to develop our approach further but at the same time we will share our learning’s and successes with CUSA staff”