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St Albans Stadium Project - City Youth Statement

A Huge Snub to Sport in the District

The decision of St Albans District Council to exclude the proposal for a new stadium for the football club is a snub to all the many thousands of players and supporters from City Youth and the other Youth and Adult clubs in and around our district.

Yes, the council have various procedures and rules to take into account when deciding what to include within the district plan. However, they have failed to take into account the massive legacy effect this project would have on the district, not just from the commercial aspects but also with the youth of our district. The council says they have to follow an analytical process. They fail to realise that we have been waiting years for the council to follow this process, I am sorry but these are years wasted. This is why a plan was proposed that (we all hoped) would galvanise the Council into action, we were sadly wrong.
If progress is not made in finding a resolution to the ground issue (St Albans City must move from Clarence Park) then we may no longer have a football club, is this the councils long term plan?

This is a huge snub to everyone who loves sport and football in particular.

With the Councils lack of forward thinking and negative views is it small wonder that people who are involved in sport within the district are thinking, is all the effort worthwhile? I know I am. Such a shame.


We now need to make the people’s views of this decision known, therefore we need your support. The council will be discussing the District Plan at the Council Planning Policy meeting which is being held at the District Council offices on Tuesday 22nd May at around 5:30 / 6:00pm.

In order to show the Councillors on the committee that the project should be included in the plan we need all supporters and players from St Albans City, City Youth and other local clubs to turn up outside of the Council Offices wearing St Albans City, City Youth Kit or their teams kit, we need to make them aware how much football is played in the District.

By turning up we will be making a statement that the Councillors cannot ignore, Making them aware that this is one project that deserves support. The legacy factor of this project will be huge.

Please come along on Tuesday 22nd. We need your support.

Mervyn Morgan




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