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Player Movement between City Youth Teams


It is inevitable with many sides at each age group there will be some movement of players between teams. This is particularly the case when players move from primary to secondary education and make new friends. However it is important that any such movements are done with the least amount of inter team conflict.

Please be aware that the club does not have a policy of streaming players. In the past age groups have considered in this in detail but rejected it.

There should therefore be no question of managers approaching players with another side. (any approach to another club’s players would be considered an illegal approach by the FA). If any player or parent approaches a manager to change teams or even to train with their team the following procedures must implemented.

If between seasons, any manager who receives an approach must first speak to the players current manager to let him/her know and get his/her approval to proceed. There may well be issues that you are not aware of so please DO NOT ASSUME THE PARENT HAS DONE THIS, whatever they may tell you. No player may change teams (within or outside the club) if they have any outstanding obligations to their existing team, including kit to return.

If a manager is approached during the season the same procedure must apply as above. Where teams play in competitive leagues there will also be a need to arrange a transfer (even if between St Albans City Youth teams) and to make a 7 day approach.

It is important that all managers keep to the above arrangements in order that we can avoid any internal club friction.    

If you have any questions about this please speak to any Club Officer


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