Players Player of the Season 2012

Players Player of the Season 2012
Disability Squad Daniel Augustine
Sean Ellingham
Under 18's Girls Abigail Kemball-Cook
Under 18's South David Towndrow
Under 18's East Adriano Gil
Under 16's North John Little
Under 16's South Jack Pugh
Under 15's Girls Emma Tammaro
Under 15's East Chris Ladyman
Under 15's North Conor Yapp
Under 14's North Tom McLeod
Under 14's West Sam Reynolds
Under 14's Warriors Lewis Glasscoe
Under 14's Boreal Will Spencer
Under 13's Girls Katie Lee
Under 13's West Jake Anthony
Under 13's South Finlay Auld
Harry Newman-Booth
Under 13's North Charlie Bennett
Under 13's East --
Under 13's Orient Shiloh Wallace
Under 12's Girls North Emily Schofield
Under 12's Girls South Sophie Hegerty
Under 12's North William Sharp
Under 12's South Dan Newton
Under 12's East Oscar James
Under 12's West Charlie Hall
Under 12's Boreal Alex Gates
Under 12's Orient Ben Rose
Under 11's Girls North Melissa Trulock
Under 11's Girls South Sophie Hegerty
Under 11's North Mario Perez-Eguilez
Under 11's South Joe Newton
Under 11's West Joe Parkin
Under 11's Orient Dominic Knaggs
Under 11's East Max Bell
Under 10's Girls Anouk Denton
Under 10's North Tom Carmichael
Under 10's South Ben Martin
Under 10's West Stefan Martin
Under 10's East Aaron Peter
Under 9's Girls Lucy Waterhouse
Under 9's North Guy Butterworth
Under 9's South Sam Doidge
Under 9's West Matthew Roome
Under 9's Central Tom McVeigh
Under 8's West Edward McJannet
Under 8's North Jack Carmichael
Under 8's South Danny Fowler
Under 8's Central Graydon Orchard