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Friends of City Youth

Friends of City Youth


The Club would like to thank the following people who helped to make the City Youth Base Project a reality.

Neil Peet

Lawrence Levy

Dean James

Louise Shepherd

Duncan Lowthian

Geoff Shreeves

Robert Murphy

John Motson

Mervyn Morgan

Brian Luckhurst

George Walker

David Wray

Lee Dixon

Ian Woods

Paul Kirikal

Jeff Lawrence

Geoff Taylor

Steve Trulock

Dave Phillips

Delbert Sandiford

Diane Wilkinson

Richard Gaskin

Wilfried Veldhuijzen

Steven Anthony

Colin Cattermole

Martyn Macphee

Peter Hamilton

J. Richard Belt

The Perchard Family

Phil Smyth

Andrew Bullock

Clive Attwood

Neil Deacon

Dr David Anderson

Arthur Hook

Richard Clark

Barry Broadwell

Stuart Walker

Ray Anderson

Dr. James Taylor

Nick Perchard

Jeremy Pearlman