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Goalkeeper Training at St. Albans City Youth FC


At St Albans City Youth, we recognise that goalkeepers have a huge role to play within any team. Therefore, we pride ourselves on giving our goalkeepers the opportunity to learn the skills required to achieve their own goals, whether that be pure enjoyment or to reach higher levels within football.

Recently, the demands placed upon goalkeepers have changed, thanks to the rise of one Manuel Neuer. Now known as a ‘sweeper keeper’, Neuer’s style encompasses both traditional goalkeeping techniques based upon obtaining possession of the ball and defending the goal, as well as being a creative outlet for the team who can both retain possession and use it effectively. In teaching the techniques to play this way and aiding their transfer to game situations, we aim to nurture confidence within each goalkeeper to have faith in their own ability, despite the emotional roller coaster that being a goalkeeper entails.

Angus Robinson is taking over the running of goalkeeping sessions, having worked at the club for two years. Having been taught by coaches affiliated with Chelsea and Arsenal Ladies, he has a deep knowledge and understanding of the position. As a qualified coach, he possesses the skill, knowledge and enthusiasm necessary to develop your child’s ability as a goalkeeper.

We offer training on two evenings per week…
Tuesday training sessions will take place from 5-6pm on pitch 2. This will be a free session, led by Angus Robinson and coached by our top young coaches.

Friday training sessions will take place from 6-8pm on pitch 2. Ages 7 to 12 will train from 6-7pm, with ages 13-16 training 7-8pm. This will be a paid session, directly coached and led by Angus Robinson.

Goalkeepers must pay half termly online via the Club website before the second session of each half term. Players registered with St Albans City Youth FC will be charged £30 per half term, whilst non St Albans City Youth FC players will be charged £48 per half term. This equates to £5 and £8 a session respectively.
To pay for the Friday Goalkeeper Training session, visit and click on the Goalkeeper Coaching link.